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Great tips for installing wood look or plank tiles.

Wood look or plank tile floors have gotten much more popular. For the last few years we have been installing more and more every year. You can get the wood look without the need to refinish, and they don't get scratched or dinged. But there are challenges when installing this type of flooring.

Lets talk about how to get the tiles to be flat with each other. Almost all elongated tiles have a warpage or a crown to them, so when you lay them next to each other...they have a high and low. The high spot is in the middle of the tile and the low spot is at the end. This is called lip-page or a toe stubber. The worst way to lay these tiles is what we call a 1/2 bond or broken joint. This is where the joint of your second row lines up in the middle of your previous row. Like below.

Porcelain tile bathtub

So, the best way to fix this issue is to lay your tile with a 1/3 bond or line the tile up at 33% intervals, instead of the 50% intervals that a half bond is. This is normally the manufacturers recommendation. My favorite is to completely lay the tile in a random pattern, making sure to stay at or below the 33% mark. Like the picture below.

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