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Green board vs Durock

A lot of people like using Green board because they believe it’s waterproof. But the truth is that green board is not waterproof at all, it is simply “water resistant”. Contractors and home-owners make similar mistakes regarding the products they’re using on a regular basis. The only real way to know which option is the best for you, is to take a close look at both products.The composition of green board is the same as drywall. The only difference between the two is the paper. Personally, I find this product to be inadequate for wall tile, yet a lot of contractors continue to use it for its low cost and ease of use. Durock and Wonder board, on the other hand, are water-durable and mold-resistant. After working with this product myself and performing numerous demolitions in many bathrooms, I have yet to discover durock that is damaged or moldy... LEARN MORE

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